Prayers for Unfolding Ulitmate Health by Marshall Davis Now Available

Prayers for Unfolding Ultimate Health
Boldly going where many Christian author fear to thread, Supreme Father Marshall Davis has authored a prayer book that uses healing techniques that have been successful across the world. The book puts in your hands, three awesome and in-depth affirmations. These three prayers draw from the beauty of healing philosophies that produce an intense awakening of your body’s natural and divine ability to be healthy, happy and wise. In one volume you get the prayers plus you get an understanding of the principles mentioned in the prayers with references to the Christian scriptures that support them. Get you copy today!
If you already have a copy and want to share your thoughts, please feel free to lead a comment.

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Lent and the Holy Spirit

Hetep, Shalom, Peace Abide,

The audio file below is a message for Lent 2011. The message begins with a discussion of why you should want heaven to bless you with the Holy Spirit during Lent, it discusses the Lent fast as a “spiritual spring cleaning,” it includes visualization techniques for being inspired by the Holy Spirit and concludes with a prayer for Lent.

To listen click link below.
2011 Lent Message

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A year for Resolve

2011 will be a year for Resolve. Although many start the year off with resolutions, most of which we do not keep, this year needs to go beyond resolutions to true resolve. We must make up our minds to be the children of God for that is our birthright and our true essence.

See more and vote in our poll, check here.

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Hello Truth Seekers!!!!

Welcome Truth Seekers. This site is for those who want to fellowship with others who are  seeking God in spirit and in truth. If you believe that the greatest and most fulfilling experience in life is to seek the kingdom of God and its righteousness in the land of the living, we think you will enjoy this site.

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